Contd…PMDC Code of Ethics

Before starting any discussions, it is important to have knowledge of the ‘Code of Ethics’ by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. So, here is the PART II

Medical Ethics and religion:

” A medical or or dental practitioner shall
respect the beliefs of the patients and shall not impose his beliefs on the patient.

Practice of medicine, surgery and dentistry prohibited without registration
etc with Council.-(1)

No person shall practice modern system of
medicine or surgery unless that person is a doctbrOr dentist having registered
qualification and valid registration with Pakistan Medical and Dental CounciL
(2) Every medical or dental practitioner has to ensure that his registration with
the Council is valid. –

Display of registration numbers.- (1):

Every medical or dental practitioner
shall, in his clinic or place of practice, display a copy of valid registration certificate
issued to him by the Council and referhis registratiorinumber in all his pre-
-scriptions, certificates, money receipts given to his patients. .
(2) No medical or dental practitioner shall display suffixing to his name those
degrees or diplomas which have not been -registered by the Council. A medical-or
dental practitioner shall not be considered a specialist unless an -additional qualification
of that specialty has been registered by the Council against his name.

Rational use of drugs.- (1)

Every Medical or dental practitioner shall adopt
practice with good and rational practices to prescribe drugs.
(2) A medical or dental practitioner shall
(a) be free to choose whom to serve, with whom to associate and lay
down the timings and place of professional service for the patients;
(b) not be bound to treat each and every’person asking his services, but
he shall not only be ever ready to respond to the calls of the sick and
the injured, if in his opinion the situation Warrants it as such, but shall
be mindful of the high character of his mission and the responsibility
he discharges in the course of his professional duties;
(c) in his treatment, never forget that the health and the lives of those
entrusted to his care depend on his skill and attention; and
(d) if not available due to any reaSOAand the patient requires continuous
monitoring or care, then the Medical or dental practitioner shall
arrange for another Medical or dental practitioner of sufficient
proficiency as an alternate and inform the patient.
(3) For. a medical or dental practitioner to advise a patient to. seek service of
another medical or dental practitioner is acceptable, however, in case of
emergency, the medical or dental practitioner must treat the patient firs\.
(4) No medical or dental practitioner shall normally refuse treatment to a patient,
however for good reason if the medical or dental practitioner thinks it would
not be appropriate to.provide his to a particular patient or
when a patient is suffering from an ailment which is not within the range of
experience of the treating medical or dental practitioner, the medical or dental
practitioner may refuse treatment and refer the patient to another medical or
dental practitioner.


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